We want to build a world of global citizens, starting with children, who care about people, respect animals and protect the places where all of us live together.

What is Just Like Me, But Different?

Just Like Me, But Different uses the power of Virtual Reality and interactive media to foster the growth of compassionate, informed citizens of the world.


With rich environmental content and cross-cultural connections forged through stories that illuminate critical global issues, we introduce children to the diversity of the planet and the uniqueness of its living creatures, one immersive experience at a time.

How Most Kids Learn About the World

Most kids grow up not knowing about the rest of the world – from basic geography to a deeper understanding or empathy for the people who live in distant places, or even for people from different cultures who live among them.

In 2015 nearly 3/4 of eighth-graders tested below proficient in geography – and that's almost exactly the same result as in 1994. Many find out about distant places only when a war or natural disaster brings them into the news or a homework assignment.


Why is Global Awareness Important?

We live an increasingly connected world with many issues that require global collaboration. Understanding more about other cultures is imperative.


Immigrants from fill our classrooms with children representing an unprecedented diversity of backgrounds. Ongoing political, cultural and climatic events underscore the fact that the world beyond our borders matters within them. 

How Just Like Me Kids Discover the World

Kids embark on virtual adventures to the world beyond the horizon, where they see new places, discover new cultures, learn about important global issues and meetfriends who are making a difference in their communities.

They also discover the habits and habitats of the animals that share these places with their human neighbors. And they dive beyond the differences – the notion of “other” – to the truly exciting discovery of what they share with children and creatures everywhere.