Gail Evenari, Maiden Voyage Productions


Gail loves sharing the world with kids of all ages through media,  exploration, service work and meaningful interactions with diverse cultures and communities. An innovative educator with a strong background in classroom teaching and curriculum design, she leads media-making adventures with teens, produces award-winning documentaries and creates multi-platform learning experiences. She founded Maiden Voyage Productions in 1993.


Donna Mitroff, Ph.D., Education and Children’s Media Consultant
Donna has three decades of experience in the entertainment industry, including her career launch at WQED, the Pittsburgh Public Television, Fox Kids and the Fox Family Network and current clients—Netflix, Univision and others. She has worked with production companies, networks and studios in the areas of program development, educational content design and review, children and families and media use, media policy, and media impact. Her department at Fox Family Channel established a new vision for digital age Standards and Practices. She teaches and presents at conferences on children and media.

Erin Reilly, Education Media and VR Consultant
Erin works at the intersection of academia and industry helping others to understand and strategize about storytelling, engagement, play and learning through emergent technology.  She is an independent consultant and a Research Fellow for USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab. Erin was on the founding team of the UCLA Annenberg Innovation Lab and was Research Director for Project New Media Literacies at MIT. As a researcher, strategist and creator, Erin is currently focused on investigating new forms of engagement and storytelling in augmenting our public spaces, virtual reality and over the top programming. A frequent lecturer worldwide at universities and industry conferences, Erin is the Board President of  NAMLE  and serves on advisory boards, such as Disney Junior and PBS.

Mark Schlichting, Kids Interactive App Content Development
Mark is a well-known pioneer of the children's multimedia and interactive design industry with over 30 years of design, publishing, and creative management experience. Mark is probably best known as the creator of Broderbund's Living Books, one of the first interactive CD-ROM titles and an early benchmark for educational multimedia. Mark’s book “Just Grandma and Me” sold over 4 million copies and was the multimedia de facto standard by Microsoft. His consulting company, NoodleWorks Interactive, specializes in children’s interactive design, development, and social networking. Clients include LeapFrog, eScore - Learning Centers, Pearson Broadband (Educational Division, London), Fisher/Price, Electronic Arts


Barry Pousman, Variable Labs


Barry produces immersive media focused on fostering   empathy for positive behavior   change. A United Nations Chief Digital Strategist, he helps implement initiatives around Sustainable Development Goals and produces VR, including Clouds Over Sidra, the first VR commissioned by the UN. As Director of Programming at Discovery Digital Networks and founding member of Discovery VR, he focused on education and global awareness.


Bill Hunter, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Bill is a world-renowned global competence researcher, assessment developer, and subject matter expert. He began his seminal research on global competence in 1999, and has interwoven the topic into various international experiential learning opportunities across the educational spectrum. He has also served as Lehigh University’s Representative to the United Nations for nearly 15 years, establishing an international reputation as an advocate for youth empowerment, global workforce development, global citizenship, and gender equality. He created the world's first UN Youth Representative program, and was the first to pilot the UN's virtual reality series in the United States. Hunter earned his Ed.D. from Lehigh University, with a focus on global competence.

Michael Carter, Ph.D., Education and Digital Media Consultant
Michael advises incubators, seed funds and startups that seek to change the landscape of learning. He provides strategy, research, design and development with a focus on learning, digital media and games. He oversaw educational new media research and technology-rich classrooms at Apple’s Advanced Technology Group, and funded laboratories worldwide. As Co-Principal Investigator of an ethnographic study of digital youth, Michael helped scholars and teachers learn what kids do online. As Chief Playwright at, he designed and produced games for kids in a virtual world. He works with LifeLiqe, a company producing digital science curriculum that engages students with interactive 3D models.

Peter Bearman, Ph.D., Evaluation Designer
Peter is a specialist in social science, demographic research design and evaluation at Columbia University. Director of INCITE, the Cole Professor of Social Science, and Co-Director of the Health & Society Scholars Program. He is the co-founder and former co-director of the Oral History Master of Arts program at Columbia University, as well as, the founding director of ISERP, serving from the Institute's launch in 2000 until 2008. He co-designed the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. A recipient of the NIH Director's Pioneer Award in 2007, Peter investigated the social determinants of the autism epidemic and has also conducted research in historical sociology.