Since 1985 the award-winning films of  Maiden Voyage Productions (MVP) have empowered indigenous communities to share important cultural issues and compelling personal stories with national and international audiences. Evenari produced Spirit of the Land, a series of educational films for public television about the native cultures in Alaska and Hawai’i. She founded MVP in 1993 as a California 501(c)3. The MVP name was inspired by Evenari’s voyage on a Polynesian sailing canoe that resulted in her producing Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey, a PBS documentary, funded by NEH, about Polynesian voyaging and navigation.

In 2012 MVP kicked off World Wise Adventures, a program that raises awareness of multicultural perspectives through volunteer service and meaningful interactions with diverse local and global communities. We have led trips to France, Mexico, Israel, Atlanta and Puerto Rico. MVP acts as fiscal sponsor for selected projects that align with our mission.

MVP’s recent film, A Gift for Abuelo, introduces children to Mexican cultural traditions and wildlife conservation. Currently, MVP is launching Just Like Me, But Different, (JLMBD) a project that uses the power of Virtual Reality films and interactive media to build empathy and global awareness. MVP also produces proposals, curriculum, companion guides and outreach materials for PBS documentaries, including Wayfinders, The New Americans, Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular, The Calling, A Doula Story, Speaking in Tongues and Havana Curveball.

MVP has raised approximately $1.8 million in grants from foundations, NEH, NEA, private donors and nonprofits.


With four decades of experience in the fields of education and media, Gail has a passion for deepening connections and creating opportunities for growth and learning. In her work as an educator, she introduces students to global perspectives through books, films, art and, most recently, through service and travel. As a filmmaker, she has been successful in gaining the trust of people in the indigenous communities of Polynesia, Alaska and Mexico. This has enabled her to produce award-winning films that share their stories in their voices — from the inside out. 

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