Adventure & Discovery

Kids embark on virtual adventures to the world beyond the horizon – where they see new places, learn new customs, make new friends, and discover our planet’s diversity, the commonalities that connect us, and the challenges that we all face together.


Immersive Experiences

Peer storytelling is transformed by immersive Virtual Reality experiences that feel like personal interactions. We leverage this str­ong initial connection by providing innovative opportunities for enriched learning, cross-cultural exchange and community action


Learning & Engagement

The interdisciplinary curriculum's project-based lessons will be created for smooth integration into national frameworks for Global Competence, Social Studies and Science and include games, activities and a global cultural exchange network for home users.



Maiden Voyage Productions creates media that fosters social and cultural awareness, including multi-platform experiences, films books, apps, websites and curriculum materials. The products and programs are intended for distribution through online social networks, broadcast on public and cable media and dissemination to schools, libraries and the general public.

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