Welcome to Just Like Me But Different!

We must educate a generation of global citizens — versed in human rights, culturally literate, skilled for intercultural dialogue and committed to building a better world for all.
— Irina Bokova, Director-General, UNESCO

Becoming Global Citizens

Seeing the world though the eyes of another living being, animal or human, causes a shift in relationship - from stranger to friend. How do we learn to care about people, places and wildlife far away from home?


What do we do?

Just Like Me But Different (JLMBD) uses VR films, interdisciplinary curricula and interactive media to build global competence designed to foster empathy and raise awareness of diverse cultures and critical global issues.


How does it work?

Grounded in collaborations with nonprofits, JLMBD shares the inspiring stories of teens — across the country and around the world — who are supporting environmental sustainability, social justice, health and human rights.